Glen McRae

With more than 9 years of experience in software development, Glen is committed to pursue a career that continues to enable exceptional user experiences. He is passionate about helping start-ups to create scalable product experiences with a simple ambition in mind: keep it simple, delightful and rewarding.
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Delivering Striver 2.0

The next evolution for Striver includes mid-tier accounting firms on the platform who have a genuine need to engage with, and hire, the next generation of ambitious graduate accounting professionals. As a Striver, existing or emerging, you will have the opportunity to be represented to the growing community of 180+ businesses who are committed to invest in emerging talent.

Striver 2.0 Business Journey

What's new?
Striver is a platform that provides the Accounting Profession with the early career seeker and graduate 
talent they need to help their business grow. Since inception, we have placed more than 500 talented graduates and early career seekers into their first career role.

Striver 2.0 Student Journey

What’s new?
This evolution of the Striver Platform opens a new pathway for early job seekers to maximise their connections and opportunities, within an expanded network of Striver Businesses – in financial planning, accounting and the broader financial services industry.