Alisdair Barr

Alisdair is originally from Perth, Western Australia and after completing his final semester of his degree abroad, he found himself washing cars and picking grapes with a tertiary education! He could not find a graduate role anywhere but that didn’t stop him, he had the tenacity and drive to make it work and enrolled in a finance planning diploma. He then knocked on doors until eventually one firm let him come and make cups of tea and summarise financial documents for them.

From there he got himself a job in a boutique financial planning firm and a year later he found a job in Sydney and relocated. After 18 months he ended up in one of Australia’s largest banks and that's when things really got interesting. After nearly 10 years Alisdair was determined to make a difference in people (and businesses) lives so he left his cushy corporate career and embarked on the journey of Grad Mentor to where we are with Striver.

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Moral Fatigue, 
Like Building A Raft While We Paddle

It's always a joy speaking with Cris Parker on all things Ethics related! We covered the topics of 'Zoom Gloom'; redesigning purpose; innovation through lockdown; moral fatigue; and - if you wait till the end - Rio Tinto and the unintended consequences. I hope you enjoy!

Happy New (Financial) Year!

Our first Speed Networking for the Financial Year! #speednetworking There will be some amazing careers come out of this and Businesses are hiring rockstar grads!! #hiring #careers #striver

Where Will New Advisers Come From? - Part 2

 Adviser Ratings | 22 Jul 2020

"Great insights on the movements in the financial planning industry from Alisdair Barr“FASEA have said we have 900 people currently doing relevant degrees. That’s just 300 new grads per year and if this was the only pipeline, at that rate it would take 15 years to replace the advisers..."

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