Your Striver Profile.

Unsure how you will view candidates on the Striver Platform? Take a look at the screenshots below to preview your Striver Profile and how you may assess Striver candidates via the My Matched on the Striver Platform.
Striver Careers Platform Business  - My Matches - Graduate Candidate Recruitment
Pictured: Striver Platform, Business Account. My Matches display candidates matched to your hiring needs, location and preferences. Sign up to see the top talent on Striver!


Curate your candidates.

The heavy-lifting is already for you from the start. All candidates are comprehensively vetted before they appear on your Striver Profile. See Student Journey to find out more about our vetting process. 

Each candidate profile includes the essential information needed to satisfy your requirements to identify the best-fit candidates. Filter and Shortlist candidates according to your preferences of location, education background and more. 
Striver Careers Platform Financial Planning Candidate - Graduate Employment
Pictured: Striver Platform, Business Account. Each profile includes essential information beyond the standard CV and Academic record. Sign up to see the top talent on Striver!


Information in one place.

See all candidates in one place. Shortlist your candidates with confidence.

​Quickly compare candidates using standardised results from our ability assessment and behavioural profiling. Fast-track your Shortlisting process with support from the Striver team to interpret the data - so that it works for you!   
Pictured: Striver Platform, Business Account. Additional resources are available for you onboard your Striver, and continue to support the transition. Sign up to see the top talent on Striver!


Lower onboarding cost.

​Save time and let our streamlined process do the hard work. 

We organise interviews to help narrow your shortlist of candidates and finalise your selection. Plus, assist you to work out the offer and contract, and onboard your Striver.

More developments coming soon.

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