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Bachelor of Commerce and Communication


CEO - Evalesco Financial Services


Bachelor of Commerce

Making the Grad Mentor gold available 24/7 in a digital environment makes so much sense for the evolving needs of financial advice businesses and the digital natives we are trying to attract to our teams


Evalesco Financial Services | Director

I think that the new Striver service will continue to enhance what is already a great business recruitment model of Grad Mentor. Being able to more accurately map personnel to a particular business has to increase the efficiency in finding the right person, make the process more enjoyable and ultimately lead to fantastic long term outcomes for everyone...


Certified Financial Planner | Adviser FP

"Striver sets itself apart from platforms like Seek because it gives important information to students that would otherwise take extensive amounts of time to find by searching online or that may not even be available.It gives insight into the business's structure and culture, something that is important for graduates looking to step into their first post- graduate professional position.


Griffith University | Bachelor of Commerce Graduate

‘Striver boosted my confidence, equipping me with the skills to successfully secure a position at a renowned financial planning company.’


University of Technology Sydney | Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) Graduate

Striver is an excellent platform for students wanting a career in financial planning. The application process is very straightforward and Alisdair has provided me with some very insightful advice during this process. " 


University of Sydney | Bachelor of Commerce (Finance, Accounting, Economics) Graduate

"Alisdair is a great mentor and coach for me, and I am very appreciative for all his help in starting my career. Throughout our meetings and phone calls I gained the necessary skills and confidence needed for my career, with the informational content on the striver website helping me prepare well for interviews. I am very grateful for Alisdair in helping me find a job and I look forward to starting my career! 


University of Sydney | Bachelor of Commerce Graduate

Alisdair is fantastic, he is very helpful, supportive and has the best resources to get you motivated and started on your career path.

To be honest I hesitated for a year before I contacted Alisdair because I was scared off by the process but he is so friendly and I really enjoyed it, it was actually really easy. As well as getting me 3 interviews in the first week, I started my new role within 2 weeks, where as on my own I was trying to get interviews for 6 months and nothing.

Also you must must must watch his videos!" 😁


Deakin University | Bachelor of Commerce Graduate

" After being made redundant in March due to COVID-19, I sought out Alisdair's help in job searching. With his assistance I was able to secure a para-planning position! He was very helpful and I'd recommend using Striver for anyone trying to get into the financial services industry! 


University of Wollongong | Bachelor of Business  Graduate

Success Story

Meet Angus - 

Angus joined the Tribe after standard graduate recruitment processes missed the opportunity to identify his potential. After only 2 weeks of Striverhood, he was matched with his ideal role in the private wealth management industry. "No questions were left in my mind when going through the [hiring] process...I can definitely see myself [developing] in the industry..."

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