Melanie Nguyen

"Striving to build a career that creates impact." Melanie is a graduate of Monash University with a background in Accounting and Marketing, and experience in Business Development and Client Services. She is energised by tackling multi-dimensional problems and passionate about empowering communities to thrive. 

Determined to use her time to generate positive impact, Melanie started with enhancing the education experience - not only for herself but also - for her peers while at university. Through contributing to, and leading in student-run organisation, she brought key stakeholder insights to organisations to support young leaders from both the enabler and the enabled. Carrying forward that momentum, Melanie's has continued to support emerging leaders at CPA Australia and now at Striver. Currently, she supports the Striver community of emerging young professionals in the professional services industry to upskill (Striver Mentor) and enhance their job-readiness for the post-pandemic job market.

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Mel the Rockstar, Less Friction and #Jobmaker

Speaking with Scott Bunny, head of partnership and growth at Striver, our clients have taught us many great lessons and of which, there have been plenty over the last 6 months. But now, we have a few of our own that we HAVE to share - plus things have been made a bit easier, check it out...

Striver 2.0

"Launching Striver into the Accounting Profession and opening a new pathway to emerging young professions is a corner-stone project during my time at Striver. See you on the new journey! " - From Melanie. Check out the new Student Journey and Business Journey! Or join us at an event in your capital city... 

Striver Mentor - Be ready for Industry

Striver Mentor is a project that Melanie has led from inception in August 2020. The purpose of Striver Mentor is to empower students and graduates with the real-time financial literacy and practical training with industry-level products. 

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